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What to Expect During Your Discovery Meeting Thumbnail

What to Expect During Your Discovery Meeting

You may be wondering what it will be like to have an initial meeting with our firm, so you’ve come to the right place for answers!

To begin with, we want to get to know you and all that is important to you – especially as it relates to money.  So we have 61 questions we like to ask including:

  • We ask about your goals, values, and what’s important about money to you.  
  • We ask you about your assets and your income.  
  • We want to know who are your most important relationships and the people you want to take care of.
  • We ask you about the professionals you use like CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, and others you may want to involve going forward.
  • We ask you about the process you want to experience.  Do you want heavy involvement or are you looking to delegate?
  • And we want to know about your interests.  One of the main reasons to make smart choices with your money is so you can pursue your interests!

We call this way of coming to know you the “Total Client Profile” interview.  Chances are you’ve never had a financial professional ask all these questions or be this thorough before.

Total Client Profile

We ask that you bring with you several documents like your investment account statements, bank statements, retirement plan statements, insurance policies, estate planning documents, and any other important pieces of your financial life that will help us understand where you are financially today.  This will save you lots of time so you can get the most value from our time together.

If it is clear that there’s an opportunity for us to add value we will offer to do some analysis and homework so we can meet again to go over our findings and recommendations.

There is absolutely no cost to go through this process, and we are committed to you having a great experience.  Believe it or not this can be lots of fun, and you’ll have a great sense of accomplishment from taking this step. Watch this video to know what to expect during your meeting.

All you have to do is schedule the Discovery Meeting by following this link.