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Modeling Your Financial Future with WealthVision

We do extensive work in modeling your financial future using WealthVision, a valuable tool providing you with a “dashboard” where you can see your complete financial picture. Imagine that you had ONE PLACE where you can see everything, that’s what WealthVision is designed to do.

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Consolidate accounts Hendersonville, TN Collier Wealth Management, Inc.

Consolidate all of your accounts, assets and information in one secure location

Simplified viewing of everything about your financial and estate plan in one place

  • All information is password protected in a secure, encrypted personal web address
  • Nightly system updates reflect the values provided by your financial institutions
  • Updated values are integrated into various reports allowing you to monitor your progress
Safeguard Important Documents Hendersonville, TN Collier Wealth Management, Inc.

Safeguard Important Documents

Copies of your private documents can be uploaded to a secure online depository, safely encrypted but instantly available from any internet accessible location

  • Estate planning documents (Wills, trusts, etc.)
  • Tax returns
  • Real estate records 
  • Home records (Deeds, appraisals, etc.)
  • Insurance policies and beneficiary designations
  • Personal documents (Birth Certificates, health records, etc.)
  • Your also have a rewards page that provides you easy accessibility to your frequent flier miles and award programs
Monitor your Financial Life Hendersonville, TN Collier Wealth Management, Inc.

Monitor Your Financial Life

  • The latest financial news is also provided with snapshots of funds and stocks, market summary information and the market indices
  • You may collaborate with multiple advisors from different locations at the same time. The Collier Wealth Management team can give other trusted advisors, such as lawyers and accountants, access to designated areas of your Personal Financial Home Page if you desire. This interactive collaboration approach focuses the team on your financial future
  • The system automatically alerts your financial advisor if it detects a problem or an opportunity, like your asset allocation being out of balance or a significant change in your account values
  • You and the Collier Wealth team will always be aware of your financial status, no matter where you are
WealthVision Security

WealthVision Security

The security of your data is our top priority. That’s why we’ve designed a system with state-of-the-art technology and processes to protect your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We combine advanced technology with data storage facilities and lockdown privacy to bring you a system where you can have confidence.

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